Easy way to digitally sign a PDF or Word doc


Whenever my clients order, I have to get them to sign a purchase agreement.

I know there’s a way to digitally sign PDFs, but I need an easy way that will hold up in court & that computer illiterate people won’t have a problem doing via the instructions I would give them.

They won’t have the full version of Adobe of course, just reader.

Or I could send them the doc in Word if that’s any easier to sign.



Digital signatures are well supported so I wouldn’t worry too much about it holding up in court as long as the agreement is valid per contract law and there is a clear for affirmation of the agreement.

A super easy and cheap tool is NitroPDF, which lets you digitally sign documents but it would be tricky to get your clients all to install it!

A really good system that is totally online (and super easy) is https://rightsignature.com/ - if you just have a single document that you need signed over and over you can squeeze into the personal plan which is like $15/month and works great.

Cool, thanks