Digital Signatures, the law & chargebacks

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Yeh maybe in a court of law that works, but the reason some of us need that is for Visa & the banks/processors. They require it so when a customer does a chargeback, you have proof they accepted the purchase.

I now have everyone sign a purchase agreement using Adobe’s echosign which I believe is a digital signature. Actually I just checked, they call it an e-signature.

In fact that’s one of the reasons merchants online pay a much higher price then retailers & get ripped off by so many customers (this is called friendly fraud, but there’s NOTHING friendly about it), b/c the customer isn’t in front of us & isn’t signing the purchase slip which would normally be sent to the bank as proof.

I have had fraudulent customers in the past, & when I tried to prove the customer authorized the transaction by showing them e-mails, they didn’t even want to take a look at it. It meant nothing to them.


P.S. I haven’t been on the forum in years, so I didn’t realize someone had responded to this thread.

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well, then… it is good to see you back :slight_smile: