How to get an old domain from a big company

Anyone know how to get an old domain from a big company? A domain that only redirects to an unrelated website. What are the chances?

A lot of big companies take over websites then close them. Surely after 5-10 years the old brand and website is long forgotten, is there any chance of getting an old domain from a big company? Anyone been successful.

I would just contact the company and bring up the possibility. Worst thing that happens is they don’t let you.

I’ve heard the domain once closed, can be available to buy for other customers. Why a company would keep the domain unsold, it will surely make it open for auction or for selling whatever the method they will choose. Search for available domains on leading hosting companies you will see old domain available but they are a little expensive then the old ones.

Hi NetNetNerd85,

I have on success buying a domain from a larger company. It was not easy and took time to get it done.

I first did as much online research as I could, to see what pages, references and advertising existed that made reference to the domain. I compiles a report. I then research their media department and reviewed the LinkedIn, facebook, and twitter pages of the names of the media people I found. I did this to understand a little more about how they thought. I then contacted the media department and asked to be put in touch with the person that manages their domains. I presented the idea of buying the domain for them and emailed the report to them to show what I had found about it. I had pre-determined a figure of $500 and offered them $250 for them to transfer it to me. They came back and said for $350 they would transfer it (apperently it covered the cost of holding it for all those years). In this case it worked out.

The insolvent or poor condition companies sell out there domain because its has a reputation. You should search in sites to see what else there.

By big not sure how big you mean.
If its with a really big company you can save your time not going for it. They wont care for your offer unless its really biggy.

Call, email, etc. Don’t seem desperate, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Chances are the domain is managed by an employee who you can reach easily. I highly doubt a big company would give away a domain just like that even for high amounts of money though. It doesn’t hurt to try.

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