Domain transfer

When i purchase a domain from someone does existing site goes off how to save it until i build new one.

I am bit weaker on redesigning part.

It’s really up to you and the person you are buying from. If that person is happy for you to keep the site, you could transfer the site to your hosting and redirect the domain name to that. Or you could perhaps just take over responsibility for the site where it is currently hosted, and then you don’t need to change anything, although I would at least change all passwords.

i don’t want to make loose his existing address existing traffic just redesign using domain registrar of my choice and own host .

so i have decided to purchase domain and collect relevant keywords from older one and redesign a website using my host till then i have to retain older one.

Beacause i new to this redesigning process are the above things fine.

I don’t really understand what you aim is (perhaps I am struggling with your English). Rather than saying what you are planning to do, just list a simple as you can what you really want to do. There is no need to purchase a new domain.

Hey Ralph see i have a client i am willing to redesign his website due to poor quality design but i am planning to use old domain name as already many user will be knowing it

I am planning to get old domain and keywords from old designer.likely a transfer to my choice registrar.

Using Seperate host for new design.

How to save old design until process is completed.

Once you have FTP details to the old hosting account, download a copy of the original site, or if it involves a database etc., do a backup of the original site using something lie CPanel (if the old host has a control panel). Once you have FTP details of the old host, you could also just transfer the whole site to the new hosting account through that hosting account’s control panel, or do the same thing via your command line (you can google all that stuff).

While building the new site, you can leave the old on up on the new hosting until you are ready to launch the new version of the site. You can either build the new version on your local computer, or perhaps at a subdomain of the site (such as

Anyhow, once you’ve set up the old site at the new hosting, just redirect the domain name to the new hosting account.

Hope that makes some kind of sense. I’m still not clear on the workflow you are picturing. Do you want the old site to stay up until the new one is ready?

Another option is to leave the old site in place, while building the new site at the new hosting account. You can reference the new site at its IP address, and then when it’s finished, redirect the domain to the new version of the site. So there are lots of options.