How to get a job in web development with no experience


I’ve been learning web development and design for about 2 years on my own (self-taught) and I just want to know the steps that I have to take in order to get a job or be a freelancer in the field. I have no experience in this filed I work in sales.

What is the right path to take?

You can start as freelancer and build your portfolio. We seen many freelancers hired full time

Create some websites???

You need examples of what you can do, so make some sites on topics that interest you. Help a local charity for free.

I agree,

Start with making your own website if you don’t have one already.
Ask friends, family, local businesses if they need a website.

Practice making as many sites as you can.

In addition to working on sites, you should also take a look at web development books and languages. This will help you avoid “reinventing the wheel” or getting frustrated by problems by seeing suggestions on generally accepted techniques. Sitepoint actually has a good collection of introductory and intermediate materials on the main site.

Web development isn’t just another day job, but if that’s what you’re looking for, I would suggest looking elsewhere. Web development is a hobby that you really need to have an serious interest in, otherwise you’ll hate it and drive yourself crazy with all the details and problems you will encounter.

Look on local forums or freelance sites and bid on projects to get a portfolio built up. I had to work on the cheap for a couple hundred USD$ for some static sites to get a portfolio built up before I was comfortable enough to apply for some design jobs. I used craigslist and googled “freelance design jobs” to get my experience for my first office job.

First of all create your own website so you can show your clients and maybe find clients online, the next step could be doing 5 reference websites for free or very low price so you will have references :slight_smile:

Freelancing is a start.
You can create dummy webpages for your portfolio, or start small selling your services in sites like It is a new one, but you get better prices for your services that you get in fiverr etc
Hope it helps

Create a website with your portfolio. Spread over social media. Join free lancing sites. Make others know about your experiences. Get references and contacts. Build your own reputation in the end :slight_smile:

The way I started - with no work prospects at all - build your portfolio (which will be empty), then rebuild it, then rebuild it again differently, then rebuild it again. Then, if you’re struggling for work, you’ve just built 4 sites, 3 of which you can showcase on your fourth portfolio site, and you would have learnt a hell of a lot more than not designing/building anything. I got told by a company I freelanced afterwards that the main reason they took me on was because that showed dedication and a determination to improve my skills in the light of having no work! :slight_smile: Give it a go!

You can create small site for your personal detail, and put this site on google.It is not interesting one but people seeing your profile and personal info then you have chance for get a job thanks

This is actually the best advice. It is how I started and I have have a job because of a similar method. I would advise you to build up yourself a nice portfolio - Spend time on this, nurture it as if it’s your baby. It will do all the magic and show your clients what you are and what you’re made of. Once you have this up and running it’s time to try find some references. You may need to start at a low price - believe me we have all been there, but the more items you have down on your portfolio the better it looks, eventually more jobs will come and potentially bigger ones at that.

Everyone has to start somewhere - build yourself from the ground up and keep adding stuff to your portfolio. Also try to blog and write good content, if people browsing your portfolio see a blog and also notice you are very keen and have a passion, people love that kind of stuff.

Where to find work you are probably asking yourself? Your best bet is to google web design freelance jobs, it is going to be a tough cookie getting your first job on a freelance website with small credentials, I remember trying to get my first job on one, it was tough. But in the end I got there, it’s good writing a good cover letter when applying to freelance jobs, show them how passionate you are about web design and how really are the person for the job. When I got my first freelance job I was over the moon, quite literally! But once the first comes in, it gets a whole lot easier. Some clients come back for more, maintenance for their website etc.

About your experience, I wouldn’t worry about that. Web Design is a weird one, I have read all kinds of articles of how people have gone off to University etc doing degrees in all kinds of stuff non-related to web design and then go off and do some freelance build up a portfolio and when they are ready they go out and apply to a company and get the job. The truth is about web design, you get the most experience and understanding on the job and most of the time that is by reading blogs, tutorials and community websites like SitePoint.

At the end of the day! Don’t give up, keep going at freelance websites and applying for projects. It will all come in time :slight_smile:

tr;dr - Get a portfolio, find jobs on the cheap, add to portfolio, apply to more freelance websites, find a job at the end of it all when you’re ready.

it is very important for you to build your portfolio first. your clients will ask for it everytime you are being interviewed :confused:

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