How to fix Facebook Likes not counted with #anchor in URL?

Hi, I use the fb like button on my website and recently I added an anchor link that links to the comment part of my articles…

When someone clicks that anchor link the url looks like “” instead of just “” (the original url).

The problem with this is that the like is not added to the original url if someone clicks the fb like button after the #anchor is added to the url. Instead the url with the anchor added ( is liked. So then I have likes for 2 different pages which are actually the same :S

Is there a way to fix this?

You can see the problem in action here: (just add “#comment” to the url and refresh, the like will disappear).

Is it really likely that many people will click the Like button after clicking the comments link? I can only see that link down at the comment section sitelf, unless I’m missing something, so I don’t see the use of it.

Yes because soon I will introduce a comment button that will be placed before the facebook like button.

To be honest, I don’t see the point of a Like button anyhow. There is growing evidence that no one cares what you “like”. It’s more powerful to share content from a site. Rather than use any JS at all, I just include a share button that’ has this basic coding:[title]

You just need to insert the page URL and title dynamically into the and [tile] positions. I tested it myself, and this setup doesn’t post the extra #comments part of the URL, even if you’ve clicked on that.

Thanks, i will look at that. Do you have a link to your site where i can see that setup of yours in action? I will test this out on my site later, thanks for the suggestion of using share instead of like, interesting.

It’s pretty low tech, but I wrote about it here: