Facebook "like" button on website not linking up with Fan Page

Hi all,

I have created a website and have for the first time integrated the facebook “like” button into the site.

I tried linking this up to my facebook fan page, but something is wrong.
On my website it says I have 41 people liking it, but on the fan page only 24 people like it.

I thought if they click ‘like’ on the website then they should like the fan page too right?

(note: i posted links to the website/fan page in question earlier and my post got deleted. so i’ve deliberately left the links out of this post. apparently i need to be asked for the links by someone before i can post them)

ive been given approval to post the link to my site: www.likebuttonshirt.com

you will see the like button from facebook on the top right. when this is clicked i assumed it would mean the person becomes a fan of the facebook page ive also setup for it.


I believe the standard like button for a website links to the users account, to say they like that page. Facebook then store the total number of people who like that page.

To have your site linked to your Facebook fan page, you’ll need the Like Box, which does what you want.

Look under social plugins in the developer section on Facebook.


I have placed the Facebook “Like” or “Recommend” button on all of my Google Sniper sites. And so far I have a handful of clicks which isn’t bad. But at least that tells me some readers do like the content. And if their “like” gets passed around to their friends, then to me it’s worth it.