How to find Router PW?

I’m trying to use Netflix thru a Roku box and I need my password to my wireless router…problem is, I don’t remember what it is.

Anyway to re-set the router’s password? It’s a Linksys router.

log in to your router at and change passwords

for linksys routers the default login use to be:

username: blank or admin
password admin

there is also a small knob to reset the whole ruter back to factory default… but here you delete all your settings too…

OK, I found that…and have reset, and now both my laptop and the Ruko box are asking for a password or key.

Apparently, this is to connect with the router…but I don’t see anywhere to set or collect the password other than the general password to get into the router setup menu

I found a place under wireless security for “WPA Shared Key” that I can set.

I’ll try setting up a new password so I’ll know what it is now.

Thanks, I was able to get it going now. The IP address you provided was what I needed to get into the control panel.