Problem accessing

To configure my router, I need to visit the address - this has all be done already and my router works fine and I can access the net.

I was attempting to access the router today, have done so in the past with no problems, but am having problems now. I just get the default “This page cannot be displayed” instead of the prompt for username and password and I’m not sure why.

Does anyone know why I would be unable to access this page? There’s nothing in the router manual which offers troubleshooting tips if the page cannot be displayed.

Any ideas?

Can you access the router using telnet?

Never actually used Telnet, I’ll have a look at that.

It would also help to know what router you’re talking about. That’s my computer’s IP, my router is .1

Yeah, most routers are .1

Is yours a DSL or Cable one? Is there any firewall installed or any hubs?

OT: here i was thinking this was going to be a matrix related question :wink: