How to find Google keywords?

Google blocked access to keywords in Google Analytics some time ago. That was a stone wall for many SEO analysts. The blind spot.

In last 12 months I have been collecting data to see if my work makes any sense.I seen so many improvements that I have to share few steps with this community:

  1. Everything is now so blurred, but one thing will always remain constant. Quality content. Find your most visited pages (landing pages). Examine one by one. Fix the user experience on each of these pages. Create goals and record your statistical data for each page. Keep personal track for keywords and search results (for all top pages). Use webmaster tool Top pages to compare results with GA (or internal stats software). You might get better idea who is visiting from which keywords. Plus you will have nicely optimized top content that you can connect to new pages that need promotion. This method better serves extra large websites. Simple, but time consuming.

  2. Other search engines still provide “uncensored” data. Use it to have a better picture about your website.

  3. Why not ask your visitors what they search to find you. Any data is better than none.

There are also paid methods that I used on some occasions like Adwords, keyword analysis companies etc

Let me know your ideas :slight_smile:

Normally i’m always using the adwords keyword planner… check the search terms and depend what kind of text i’m going to make … with a bit keyword density in it :slight_smile: and then build on the word.

AdWords is great tool especially if your campaigns are old. Unfortunately, not all websites need Adwords. We might one day :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed to find keywords through Google and I need to use Google Adwords keyword tool which help us to get more keyword optimization.

I use Google webmaster tool to monitor my keywords and you can make use of Alexa as well. I think Google is not helping SEO with this action and I hope that it drops the policy.

After awhile you will get an idea what people search to find you. The problem is with regularly updated website. The more content you have the more potential keywords and job is getting bigger if not resolved on time. According to Google analysts each day Google has 15% more keywords than the day before (all time searches). That is enormous number of new keyword phrases in just 24 hours.

Google adwords is mostly designed to be used for the adwords campaigns rather than your organic SEO campaigns. Keep that in mind when using it.

In addition to that, most keyword research tools are based on the Google’s Planner tool. Thus, the results won’t differ a lot if you know precisely how to seed your keyword list with the right base keywords.

All the Best!

i combined adwords keyword planner and google analytic to get a fix keywords. and i realize the last point is a very useful to get a real keywords :slight_smile:

I always use Wordtracker and keywordspy for Keyword analysis.

Usa market Samurai but I thin it’s giving me some strange numbers latley

Keyword Planner shows ONLY perspective keywords for advertising. SEMrush service may help to find keywords you’re ranking…

Google Trends has nice point of view sometimes. For example here is the Sitepoint in last 10 years:

It might be confusing to use google keyword planner especially if you’re not in to PPC campaign. Now I use Google Trends as an alternative but I don’t use it both at the same time it’s kinda confusing too haha

Mainly I use keyword planner for Keyword research but there are other tool who can help you in this like samrush. You can check those keyword competition in good and “in-title” term as well.

I was actually shocked with the sudden change from Google keyword tool to the google keyword planner. I didn’t like the update at first, but then liked it later. It makes me filter my research faster with the keys I want to find. You need to log in to be able to use the tool compared before.

With finding keys, I make sure that people are searching for that keys. I prioritize longer keys than the shorter ones. Also, I make sure that the keys are related to what my site is all about and what I am trying to promote.

Use Google adword tools you can find lot of keyword idea. You can also find what is percentage of the search of keyword. I always use ad words keyword planner