How to find a partner/co-founder for a web business?


I am a web designer based in India, and I found a developers project on who is based in Australia. His MIT licensed project is a kind of a ASP.NET CMS and I want to reach out to work with him and provide his project with a theme engine being a designer. There are no other developers involved apart from the single guy as far as it seems.

How does partnership of this sort usually take place? What are the things to be considered, discussed in such a scenario? How is the profit/work/ownership divided? What are the things/legalities to be taken care of in such a scenario?

Can ideas be stolen in such cases?

You know, we hear famous stories like Matt Mullenweg was contacted by Mike Little when he began to fork b2/evolution and together they made WordPress…How does this partnership actually take place?

Can the sitepoint experts please guide me a bit…

Usually a face to face business meeting has to be arranged. Then the terms of the partnership has to be made up (who gets how much of the business), and legal documents have to be signed.

It’s mostly straightforward and cut and dry process. The negotiation can be long depending on the people involved.

I think partnerships like this Will tend to happen as a result Of 2 people working well together. So my advice to you Would be to start building A relationship with This person or Others who might compliment your Skill set. Austin what you should be looking 4 is someone who has qualities that you lack. 4 example, the person who made this project you reference might be a good programmer but might lack marketing skills.