Finding a partner

Where have you found or recommend that one find a partner?

I am building a new Internet startup company and I am in need of a partner to join my new venture. I have created a new product that leverages social media outlets.

I want a new partner to 1) supplement & compliment my own skill set and 2) to help with a lot of required workload (timing is a challenge for this business).

I have done the local meet up circuit ( and looked at my own contacts, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to connect with anyone that is available and/or able to join.

Interested to hear your thoughts…

You may want to read Winning Credibility. It has a few good chapters on recruiting sales and management and how to construct the ideal board.

Funnily enough, the example business used throughout the book is based on the author’s own company and starts as a research/software project and would be a great practical example for you to follow.

Already working on that. :slight_smile: I’ve programmed and built the software from the ground up. I am just looking for someone to handle the business development and sales side. I will take your suggestions and try to be more active in my area. Thanks.

I am a bit skeptic about going on a partnership with someone that I know little of. I would much prefer to start a partnership with someone that I have known for quite some time.

Just my two cents. :slight_smile:


I think you can find your partner online. Just post your requirement ih more forums. There will be people contact you. You know, the internet is so powerful.

Seems that sales & business management is more difficult than even recruiting your development team - because these are the kind of people who want to get paid today, not in the ‘near future’.

Not saying they aren’t out there, but you are going to have to either have a really spectactular product or a very close relationship in order to get them excited about working with you. Plus, any smart partner at this stage would want a good chunk of equity.

Of course, there is always more than 1 way to skin a cat so goodluck in your quest to build a team.

Definitely want to read this one, thanks for the headsup.

What skill gaps are you trying to fill though?

If its programming, then user groups, university clubs or conferences might be the way to go
If its business management, innovation clubs or angel investor meetings would be worth a look
sales? try a few sellers conferences?
watch the apprentice on TV and look at the sort of qualities of people that are on the show, look at their previous jobs and target those areas.

Ideally you will need to resign the fact that any partnership you make will be rocky to start with and also take time to develop. Make sure you cover your butt and get NDAs, contracts or other documentation drawn up to protect your concept.