How to export Mermaid chart to a PDF or SVG or WEBP?

I have this Mermaid code:

flowchart TD
    A --> B[Y]
    A & B --> C[Z]

You can read its Mermaid chart output here.

How to export Mermaid chart to a PDF or SVG or WEBP?

The website you linked has buttons to export a PNG or SVG image of the chart in the Actions area.

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Thanks. Funny, for some reason I looked only on the header, not on the (first column) footer.

In case this feature becomes available only to registered users or customers, I would still be glad to know about other ways to do this, such as, a simple text editor, a source code text editor, a rich text editor, etc.

I have downloaded both versions, PNG and SVG for a long chart of 45 lines of code and complex associations and the PNG file appeared pixelated or smeared when zooming in but the SVG file appeared just fine when zooming in and its combination of text and image is very effective and accessible.
That said,
One may need PDF or WEBP for content management system support although of course SVG is best as it is always in good image quality and combines image with text.

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