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is it possible that a png image can be imported into the illustrator, and then immediately exported as svg w/o loosing any quality.

I have little experience with the illustrator so i am just asking.

No, it is not possible. Sorry! :slight_smile:
If you do, you’ll only get an svg-file with the raster image imbedded.

In AI you can vectorize a raster image with the “Live Trace” option or better manually by try and error with the trace tools in different settings, and then manually edit the shapes and colors. It’s a lot of work even with simple images.

Adobe Forum - Post about converting PNG to SVG:

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There are some online services you can try, e.g. (one of the better imho), but non of them are useful for anything but very simple graphics. The output is similar to the Live Trace in AI, afaict.

I myself have more experience with Inkscape for the occasional image tracing:

Wikipedia - About Inkscape:

Wikipedia - About Potrace, the raster to vector converter used by Inkscape:

Sorry for the late posting. :wink:


Yes, the automated trace tools can save you time and effort, but the results are generally sub-optimal.
The beauty of svg is not just the scalability, but their very light-weight data size. The automated tracers will usually add far more vertices than necessary, rather than the minimum required, at strategic points that a human vector artist would choose.
So the result you get can be larger (in data) than necessary and possibly not so smooth in appearance if there is any “jitter” between the numerous adjacent vertices.

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