Newbie asks how to insert svg into dreamweaver

I cannot get my web graphics to come out clean & sharp - have been studying my illustrator manual for help! It looks like saving as svg could be the best way to save a graphic. When I try to insert it (Dreamweaver MX - insert - image) svg files are greyed out - how do I get them onto my page?

Any threads, tutorials you can recommend? It makes me crazy that I can design some great graphics, then they just bitmap out when I insert them into my web pages…


I have never used svg. Jpg or gif is a favourable format what is your purpose by the way.

Thats most likely happening because svg isn’t browser supported at all.

I’m doing a simple logo - text with a couple of leaves. I have tried to use a gif format - it pixelates into fuzz - I have rasterized, I have tried optimizing in different ways for the web - there must be a standard that I don’t know about. All of the web pages I visit (well, almost) have crisp graphics - do I need to import my graphics into Flash first? Can I use Flash for images that don’t move?

Are you saving them as .jpg’s?

  • Mark

No - not saving as jpeg. Everything I have read says that for simple line items, minimal colors & shading should be gif.

well even if it is minimal shading but in a small area it will pixilate. The only solution as mark said is to save it as jpg/jpeg.

Hi -
Just wanted to say that this tag worked for me -

<embed src=“cooking.svg” width=“500” height=“580” type=“image/svg+xml”
pluginspage=“” />

  • the .svg file was an xml doc - & with the viewer - no problems…

In the free “Inkscape” program, exporting a selected image as ‘bitmap’ =
.png looks great - then I usually convert them to .gif with another program
that produces clean-looking images. Yes, they’ll still get rough with a
resize, however.

Good luck,

save it as a png.