How to embed Google KW Tool results into pages for local Colorado site? Thank you

Hello to all,

I am curious if you can please help me.

Here is my issue. I got a quote from an SEO company that wanted 3500 a month to do seo for my website. This is crazy as thats more than I make each year.

Anyways, so I am taking the project on myself.

So my questions is:

I was told my keywords are too national and not Local.

I have a Construction website that shows our services of Pole Barns, Arenas, Garages, and Horse Barns.

These terms I types into Google’s KW research tools and used the ideas function. I also created the search with a Colorado filter, being the state that I service.

I took those results, and added the most popular phrases into my title tags and pages.

BUT== They do not mention anything about Colorado.

So does this mean I am not targeting Colorado? So if I put the phrase Pole Barns, am I actually trying to compete nationally? Where I actually need to make a title tag like Colorado Pole Barn Builders and Construction? Or something like that with adding the state to tell Google, Hey this site is for Colorado?

Or how would you take the results from Google and make them local specific?

Thank you in advance for any thoughts and tips.

Best Wishes