Domain name unbrandable? Is this possible


I have been battling a long road to rank my local family owned business here in Colorado.

I had a high ranking Google products person say my domain name is going to be hard to brand and google is going to have a tough time ranking me do to possible attempted emd issues.

My site is

This is the registered corporations name.

All Specialty Buildings

But I was told that the name does not say what we do and the word All is a stop word.

So just curious of your thoughts of this? Do I need to change my domain name?

Can this be true? Our biggest competitor is a national company, they are

We focus on a Colorado level, but cannot rank. They have a huge social following and a high domain authority, which I was told DA is just junk that a seo tries to sell packages for.

But not sure if our business name can actually be hurting us?

Any thoughts are appreciated


What are you talking about? Number one doesn’t seem bad to me.

I’ve never heard of what you describe. I think the SEO guy you talked to is offering up a bunch of nonsense.

However, I can see that if you google for colorado construction or colorado builders, you don’t appear in the search results.

From what I understand from talking to people over the years whom have lived in Colorado, the construction business there is highly competitive. When a niche is highly competitive, it can be difficult to rank well.

Are you listed in Angie’s List or Yelp? Are you using Adwords? (your mileage will vary with this one–usually the expense isn’t worthwhile, but it depends on what your advertising budget is)