How to develop taxi service website in php?


I have HTML based taxi service website now I want to redesign it into PHP with a booking engine. Should I redesign or develop it with an existing website?

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Any static site can be made into a dynamic one.

Something to consider is Branding. What are your customers used to seeing and what would be missed in a new website design.

I will also say that a “plug in” type booking interface can be added even on a static website . A site like states they have simple copy/paste HTML code that can be added to your existing site. I have not looked into any of these service providers so do some homework to figure out what will be best for your needs.

Look at the complexities in the Uber ride app. Do you possess the skills to design that app?

It’s probably academic as the OP visited once to post, and hasn’t been back since February 11th, but I’d imagine there’s a readily-available “booking” system that could be plugged into an existing web site without the need to write it all from scratch.


Considering that, it could probably be closed now.