Reservation calendar

Hi all:
First, I really don’t know in which forum this question should go so please move me if I’m in the wrong place (well don’t move me but move my post).

I’m working on a site and the client wants to have a ‘calendar’ where the customer would type in when he/she would want to reserve a car and immediately see if the car is available.

Here is the site he gave me to explain the calendar, the red ‘online booking’ box:

This thing is way way way over my head and I need to tell him what he needs for this calendar to work.

I have no clue how this thing works. I can see from the code source that the red box seems to be a form of some sort but how does the ‘available/not available’ dates come from? A data base (excel sheet? accounting system? manual entries?) ?? And how does the data base speak to the site?!

I tried googling this but since I have no idea what I’m looking for, I don’t find any answers.

In the end, once I explain (or try to explain) this-I-dunno-what-thing to the client, I will offer him to find someone who can do it for him and I’ll plug whatever it is into the site but what type of body am I looking for? A programmer? Are there different types of programmers? And what am I asking this person to do?

I hope this question is not too confusing … and thank you for reading.

It looks like that site is using ASP for the form. You’ll need a web developer than can do server-side scripting and probably a database driven website. Typical languages include PHP and the database MySQL.

Yikes … that’s all gibberish for me. I’ll need to read up on those big scrary words.

So the first step for me is to check on his hosting company (which I have passwords) to see if they allow all 3 monsters : ASP, PHP and MySQL?

Then I need a ‘web developer than can do server-side scripting’ … and this web dude would update the calendar or can the client do that himself? And, where can one find such a person and any idea on hourly rates?

Thank you guiding me on this xhtmlcoder, I appreciate.

Keep in mind that if the car data exists in a database already just not online for everyone to see you may need to integrate the web application with the existing database. If that is the case than you probably won’t be looking at MySQL but some other database. You should ask the customer what database they are currently using to store the data. The programming language itself is what ever the host will support. Typically the same thing can be accomplished in asp, php, ruby and python – it just depends on the server set-up and mainly the developer.