I need to create a calendar/reservation web app. Where should I start?

I’ve been tasked with creating a calendar and reservation system web app. I’m not sure where to start. It would probably be one of the more challenging projects for my current skill set. I’m more of a UI designer and novice front-end developer but no real experience with decent web apps.


Can this be done with HTML5, Javascript, PHP and Mysql? Or does this require other languages? Any tutorials on this or advice? Thanks.

Well start with planning think about the clients request of what it needs to do and how it needs to accomplish this. Then start getting a list of the specific tools that you will need or use or you already have. I would start with the UI while we all now clients love to see progress and if you give them something to see they think your a rockstar… but now for the back-end i would take advantage of some pre-built frameworks such as jquery and codeigniter that will cover the php/mysql/javascript portions fairly well and you won’t kill some future developer who might have to work on your application.

But all in all man start one piece at a time… But start with the UI so you will have an idea what the back-end will need to do… until you know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it.

I’m currently building a website with such a reservation system. Because there is also a small amount of content / image management needed, I’m using Wordpress for this.

I went and searched around a bit for a calendar/reservation plugin and found “Online Booking Calendar” which I’ll use in this site, it might be just the thing you’re after.