How to delete Sitepoint account?

How can i delete my sitepoint account? If I there is a way to delete what happens to my posts? will they get deleted as well?

I am not planning to delete it now, just wanna now how it works if i ever wanna delete it :slight_smile:

[FONT=Verdana]We do not normally delete accounts or posts. If we were to delete posts by members who are no longer active, it would disrupt the continuity of threads and make them useless for other members.

See this section of the FAQs. [/FONT]

thanks a lot

What if i posted some posts with links but now i want to break the links so no search engine could follow the links? how is it done?

[FONT=Verdana]That would depend on why you wanted to break the links.

If it was a “work in progress” that you wanted help with, you’re allowed to use a link shortener in that instance (although not one that uses affiliate links or anything like that – just stick to the main ones like and so on) – we understand that developers don’t want a Sitepoint Forums discussion outranking the live site being discussed!

If it’s something that you posted in a fit of youthful exuberance, and come to regret with the wisdom of maturity, then I’m afraid that’s hard luck. Without wanting to sound harsh, we’ve got better things to do than run around clearing up after you because you opened your mouth without thinking. A good rule of thumb, for anything you post online, is to ask “would I be happy for a future employer to read this?”, and if the answer’s “no” then it isn’t a good idea to post it![/FONT]

thanks man i see and Its differently not the 2nd paragraph lol