How to deal with part of content that are duplicates

Imagine that I have an home page with those “read more” links and that excerpt is also repeated in the detail page. Should I deal with this “duplicate content”?
If yes, how?

Thanks Stevie!

I don’t think that having one or 2 phrases of a text with a “read more” link will make you lose visitors, IMO. :expressionless:

That won’t be a problem. It’s standard practice to give headlines and a short summary or extract when linking through to the full article, and search engines can recognise the difference between doing that and having the entire article repeated all over the place.

The best option IMO is to write a unique description and then update the link. This way it will help in passing expected benefits… Please correct me if I am wrong…

You will lose visitors if you have duplicate or even very similar content on 2 or more pages of the same site. Everyone who visits your site is going to expect fresh, new content on each page…get it re-written if you don’t have the time to do it yourself…

You dont have to worry about that. Duplicate content is only (if at all) harmful when you have the exact same content on 2 different pages/urls of the same domain. And thats according to Google.

If in your site there is one unique content of your own is twice or thrice then it will not be consider as duplicate content but this can be affect on your site rank and traffic. As visitor come to your site and find any information for more time and not find every time unique then you will loss visitors.


I am totally agree with blog If you are working according to Google, it is better for you.