How to deal with parking companies, how much to bid?

Thanks for your time, I read these two posts on buying parked domains:

The domain I want to buy is a 5 letter .com with no meaning and no obvious value to anyone (except me). What’s different to the cases in the above to threads, is that the parker is a professional parking site, officially located in HK. I got in contact and now should make an offer.

Has anyone dealt with one of these parking companies that own thousands of domains? Are they happy just to sell them or do they expect several thousands? The site is unused, has no traffic, zero page rank etc. Should I mention this with my first offer or just drop a number? Should I drop half of what I’m actually willing to spend or try lower? Should I mention that I would pay for escrow too?

The only value is that it has no numbers and is short and .com.

I believe that first of all you need to learn stuff. That might take some time. A lot of people which are domainres are on the forums like dnforums. So you can check some suggestions here.
I recommend you also start bidding withing your budget as far as you go you will understand things better.

Learn “stuff”? What do you mean by that and how long does it take me to learn stuff before replying to the email?


If you perceive that the domain name is of no value to anyone else, by all means, offer half of what it’s worth to you and see what happens. Be ready to move on, though, if the current owner is intransigent.

Also, sooner or later, they’ll realize that they’re spending money for nothing and release the domain name outright. Then you can pick it up for just the registration fee - but there will be a time cost to you.



The domain business seems to work (or not work) differently from every other business. I asked how about $200 + transfer costs/escrow and got no reply. If I wanted to sell something for more, I would simply ask for more.

Is there a statistic on how many domains ever registered are just parked? It seems like a lot of companies park till they go bancrupt and never sell anything.

first you need to contact them and make sure they reply to you
second ask for how much they want to sell
then offer your price