How to create this shape in illustrator?

this is a shadow on car body. how to create this shape in illustrator? please feel free to point my way!
thank you

Not quite sure what you want but if for instance it is the right hand side of you attached picture I would use a gradient in Photoshop.

Another thing you could probably use, if you are having problems getting this effect with just a straight gradient in Illustrator, is the gradient mesh.

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I just thought I should mention most gradient tools do not just create a simple one colour to another gradient. They can also create the effect of a curved item.

As @WebMachine said it looks like you use the gradient mesh in illustrator:

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Definitely gradient mesh, but in this case, the illustration has the darker gradient all the way on top. It also has a base color and a highlight on the right side.

I would use something like this. Simply pen tool and gradients. Obviously

, is not the same as the submitted image, but you get the idea. Have in mind that the image submitted contains pixelation that its adding to a different effect.


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