Grouping in illustrator

So, I made two shapes in illustrator and grouped them. Then I put gradient, and what I have are 2 gradients - one on each object. But I want one gradient that goes throguh 2 grouped objects. How do I do that???

Hi TheMrLooka, welcome to SitePoint! :slight_smile:

You don’t actually need to group them. If you just select both objects (drag across them with the Selection Tool, or hold shift as you click on each) and click the gradient button, the gradient will spread across them both. You can also drag the gradient tool across them both to alter the direction of the gradient.

Does that help?

If it works, then it help! :slight_smile:

Please let us know how you go!

Actualy, it doesn’t work (?)

I select both objects, I click the gradient icon in the lower left corner… and it’s still separated. Why’s that?

As ralph.m mentioned, you can also try the gradient tool. With both shapes selected, select the gradient tool from the toolbar (fourth or fifth button from the bottom, right side)…then click and drag your pointer/cursor across the shapes in the direction you want the gradient to go.

I would suggest joining your two shapes into a compound object (Object > Compound Path > Make), creating your gradient in a layer beneath the shapes so that they overlap it, then with both the compound path and the gradient layer selected, create a clipping mask (Object > Clipping Mask > Create)

This will work whether your two shapes are touching or far apart.