How to create the shadows and highlights?

This is a simple but nice button, and I’m just using it as a learning material.
How do I create the shadows at the top and the highlights at the bottom, in photoshop or pixelmator?


Anyway, its a matter of matching colors and tones to get the desired “feel” mostly.
Aside from that, in PS what you have to use is layer effects.

  1. Drop shadow
  2. Inner Shadow
  3. Gradient overlay
  4. Stroke

Remember that Stroke allows you to use gradients (not just a solid color) and that you can adjust the color, opacity, blending mode and spread of “shaddow modes” ( they don’t always have to be dark)

I roughed up a button in 3 mins… so you can see how I applied those techniques. I will keep it on my site for a few days so you can download it.

thanks. i got the file. alright, shall play around with the settings and stuffs.