Adding gradient fills?


i am new to photoshop and i am trying to follow the following link tutorial:

i’m at stage 2, but i don’t know how i can add a gradient fill inside my buttona as the tutorial does not say. When i click on the gradient editor and select 1 of the presets i can’t seem to click on my button shape as it says, ‘Could not use gradient tool because the content of they layer is not directly editable’ so how can i edit it so that it becomes like the color seen that of the tutorial?


Yes, most online Ps tutes leave out critical details.

I’m not sure if this is how the author is doing it, but I’d suggest that the instructions for step 3 need to be applied to step 2 as well. To apply a gradient to the object, all I know to do is this:

Alright, let’s add some details to the button. Start by right-clicking the button layer in the layer’s palette and going into Blending Options.

So, click the fx (add layer style) button at the bottom of the Layers palette and click gradient overlay. Click on the gradient stripe (by default mine is black to white) and a popup appears that allows you to select colors you want for the gradient. Click on the arrows underneath the gradient bar to select colors from another popup color palette.

Does that help?

yeah i thnk it does, as i’m new to this, is just the case of trial and error

alternatively from your layers panel, right click on the button’s layer and selected “Rasterize Layer”. Now you are ready to apply your gradient as per the tutorial or in any other way you like.

Another thing you can do is:

  1. Create the shape on a new layer
  2. Hold down cmd/ctrl and click on the thumbnail for your shape (makes a selection in that shape
  3. Create a gradient on a new layer that is the color you want
  4. Get rid of the shape layer

Nice tip agrable. I tried that and it worked really well.