How to create dot matrix effect with Photoshop or Illustrator?

Was interested in creating the effect after the idol contests.

Some examples of what i’m talking abt:


The effect you’re looking for can be done in Photoshop using Filters > Color Halftone.

This tutorial might be useful to you.

You can also create the effect with one of the filters in Fireworks MX 04.

  1. Select the object you want to put the effect on
  2. In the Effects box, select “Alien Skin Splat LE” > “Edges”
  3. Select “Halftone Dots” for the Edge Mode
  4. Whack the Edge Width right up to see the effect

Great! really appreciate it… thanks all!

Is there anyway to do this using Illustrator?

I found a similar effect in the coca cola logo. I have an .eps of this logo but I can’t figure out how it was achieved.

Here’s the link:

Nice tut Synaesthesiac…thanks