How to create a counter on web page?

hi huys, any idea to get a free and good counter for website?

Don’t. It isn’t 1995 any more.

If you want to see how many visitors you’re getting, just use Google Analytics. Don’t let it intimidate you. It’s a free service and in the end it just gives you a tiny little script to include at the bottom of every page. You can then log in and see how many visitors you’ve received over X amount of time.

A good majority of sites use Google Analytics, including Sitepoint. It’s just too easy, too free, and too good not to.

What @mawburn; said.

Unless you have a terrific reason to have a counter.


Like a client who just won’t take advice on the subject. :rolleyes: (Yep - I had one of those. :headbang:) In which case you could try

I just did a Google search and there are a whole lot of options. Just check out the reviews before you choose one.

I wrote a simple tutorial on how to do this.
As has been mentioned, however, I wouldn’t use this on a professional or business related site.