Free hit counter?

I’d like a free hit counter to be displayed at the bottom of a site, preferably with no ads. I’m also willing to code my own if anyone can give me some pointers on how to do so or maybe a tutorial?
Nothing special just a basic text one.

Please dont advise using logs etc as the client wants one shown on the page.

thanks for any help

My vote would also go for awstats as that provides me with all the vital information about what is happening traffic wise.

my personal choice is awastats which comes with cpanel by the default:)

Of course awstats doesn’t show on the actual web page - but then web pages displaying counters give the appearance of having not been updated since last century and so most people will immediately go elsewhere looking for a more up to date page. Counters on the page don’t show anything meaningful anyway so the owner would still need to go into something like awstats to find out how many visitors the stupid counter is costing them.

If you must have a counter on a web page then a static image is just as effective at making your page look antiquated as any working one. You’d need a counter designed for Internet Explorer 3 to find one that actually works anyway and most if not all of those will have been deleted from the web long ago.

Hi, tried searching for a “free site counter”?

With regards to coding your own, a couple of how-tos:

Alternatively you can also try piwiki the open source web analytic tool

Did you find the answer?
I am (was) in the same situation and I found something.

Hi, is definitely the best free stat counter.

Have a great day.


I often use cPanel awastats

piwiki is awesome , I have tried it my self. It is a self hosted solution. So You can remove unnecessary brandings.
+1 for piwiki


I use Statcounter also and I am very satisfied, they have a option to send you weekly or monthly reports by email. this also shows daily unique and raw visitors and also shows real time visitors online. Seamless and requires no registration.