Choosing Keywords


I’m trying to choose keywords for an online watch store which I will be launching in the near future. I am struggling to find anything that seems good at the minute. Anything I can think of either shows up in the Google Keyword with maximum competition or else it says that there isn’t enough data.

I have found a few things which don’t have max competition but these have low search volumes, around 5000 and the competition is usually still around 3 quarters.

Is there a sweet spot I should be aiming for in terms of competition versus search volume?

Some things I’ve been trying include:

cool watches
unique watches
modern watches
unusual watches
cool wrist watches etc etc

I’ve also tried incorporating some of the brands into the keywords as well but no joy.

Anyone have any tips?

you can follow this procedure. first do a keyword search in google keyword tool. then find some good keywords. after search each keyword on google and find pr’s of first sites. also check their backlinks. if you find weak sites in first page, try that keyword

Read this Article… Hope it will help you… http://www,

Asanka000 has a great suggestion. As part of any good marketing strategy, you need to analyze the competition and what they are doing.

If you find your keywords, search Google for those that own the first page, go into their sites and analyze them. What’s their page rank, keyword density, sites linking in to their, etc.

Once you know what they have done to get to their position, you’ll have to outperform them in their weak areas.

Keyword research can be done using Keyword Discovery or WebCEO has a good tool.
Keyword Discovery offers a free trial but it isn’t free. The best Keyword research tool is Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

okay, I managed to find a couple of keywords which seemed really good. Low competition and high volume. The problem is they use the word “Wristwatch” and when this is typed into google it comes back with the “Did you mean Wrist Watch” message.

Is it pointless targeting this keyword because of this?

The search volumes using Wristwatch are so much higher than Wrist Watch.

First you have to do a keyword analysis. You can use it will give you an estimated of search volume.

I did this…this is how I know the phrase with Wristwatch has really high volume and low competition. Just wondering if I should forget about it because google returns the “did you mean…” message.

Please use the Google, Wordtracker and google insight for search for effective keyword research…

i used some keyword selection tool… one of the top search is the mens watches.
maybe try to use keyword selection tool too. here’s what i use keyword discovery and [URL=“”]google insights.

You can choose the keywords with the keywords tool .But you have to choose the keyword which are going to be good for your business.

Wordtracker is best keywords choosing site for you.