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hello friend i have problem that create a fan page and completed 25 member but i am hid page option in the URL but my problem not solve how to change fan page url, please help…:slight_smile:

I think you are going to have to better describe your problem to get help. Do you know someone who has a better grasp of English that can help you format you post?

@sukhiseo ; Once you get 25 likes or more,you can change your page url, you can find it under the account/privacy settings, its too simple to change it. First better try to bring 25 Likes and try it. All the best. Thank You

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did you understood what he wanted to say? you’re my hero now!

In my opinion, you have minimum 26 like to change your fan page url. After that you go in your page profile and edit there your page name and fan page url. You can change your fan page url once only.

If you are trying to change your fanpage url on Facebook, unfortunately you could not change it. Facebook prompts you about it when you change your url. Or if you meant changing your url the first time go to privacy settings.

You no longer need 25 fans to get a custom page url

Didn’t realize it was hard to change it back - uh-oh! :S

yes u guys are right after getting some likes i got this option for changing name of my page just now i took a snap shot of tht and uploading for u :slight_smile:

in fb go to ur fan page and press edit details and then click basic information

then u can see a new option such as “Username: Create a username for this page? Learn more.” exactly like this and u need to choose a name for ur page and then check for availability and thats the final time u can change the name of ur fan page :slight_smile:

Generally after 25 likes you can change your page name. If you are unable to change name it can be reason that you haven’t updated your mobile number in your profile. Now a days Facebook emphasis on mobile validation for having a customized page name.

It is very easy you should go on facebook(dot)com/users and there will be an option to change the URL of your pages including your personal page when will you give the user name it will tell you about the possible availibility of the particular username you can set here an attractive user name for your pages and personal account as well.

Facebook has changed its policy regarding fan page. You have to verify your page with your mobile number. Once you verified your account and get 25 LIKES, you will be able to set vanity url. Although, you have mentioned that you can’t find the setting, there is one more option that you can do to set the vanity URL. just type:

you will redirect to the setting. There you can provide your vanity url. Once you set the vanity URL, you can’t change it.