How to change permalink in wordpress for a single category

I’m using this permalink for all /%category%/%postname%/. Due to some reasons i want to change permalink to /anyword/%post_id%/ for a single category and it’s sub-categories.

i.e. For all - permalink is like this -

and i want to change permalink for “world” category and it’s subcategories like “india”,“u.s.” etc. to this -

I don’t want to affect any other permalink structure and permalinsk.

You can try to do that with Advanced Permalinks : Link


Do you think i didn’t googled before posting here? :smiley: I’ve tried every plugin related to my problem. But no luck with that. :slight_smile: that’s why i posted here. From some days i’m working on custom post type. And got a little success too. May be i’ll use custom post type instead for changing permalinks for specific category. But if someone can answer it please do.