Change Category URL's


This is a pretty simple question (I think), but being brand new to WordPress, I’m still a little stumped…

Is there a way to change the Categories URL from the category number, to the category slug? Like, I choose a certain category in the drop-down box, and it ends on a page that ends in the category number, rather than a more descriptive, prettier category slug.

Basically, I want to change the category pages…

From This:
To This:

This is with Wordpress 3.5.1.


You need to enable permalinks under Settings > Permalinks.

Additional info:

Alright, I’ll give it a look, thanks.

Okay, I’ve set permalinks, but that only effects posts, not the category pages.

One thing I’ve noticed is that it only shows the category I.D. for parent categories. For child categories, it shows the category slugs.

Parent Category Pages:
Child Category Pages:

What I need is the parent category pages to look just like the child category pages, minus the child category slug. I hope that makes sense.

Could this be a theme-specific issue, rather than a Wordpress issue?

You can browse through and can change the category url.
I have tried it and it works perfectly.
Give it a try.

I figured it out. Both URL’s worked, I just happened to have a page with the exact same title as the category I was testing in the trash, so Wordpress was redirecting to it, and giving me the “Page Not Found” error. Once I emptied the trash, things worked fine.

Yep, I’m a n00b.