How to calculate file download time?


Does anyone know the formula for calculating the download time for a file when downloading it with different connection speeds?

e.g how long it would take to download a 200 kb file with a connection speed of 52kbps/40kbps/20kbps?


OK, first thing is that most connections speeds are in bits not bytes so you need to convert the file size into bits (times 8).

So 200 * 8 = 1600kbits then just divide for each speed

1600/52 = 30.769… secs
1600/40 = 40 secs
1600/20 = 80 secs (1 minute 20 secs)

I think thats right.

Go here:

Great place, it gives you lots of information about your site. You can even put in a sub-directory as the target and test your uhh…test pages before making them live.

thanks for the helpful reply’s guys :slight_smile: