PHP Speed Test Script

Im looking for or looking to figure out how to run a php speed test.

Not the speed of PHP but of bandwidth.

Anyone know how to figure out users bandwidth with php?

Thanks you guys. :smiley:

Store the start time, send a large file, subtract the current time from the start time to get the elapsed time. Now divide the size of the file by the time and you have the download rate.

Your website is super slow to load. You need to have much more bandwidth than your visitors on your own hosting if you’re going to offer a speed test. Enough that (active testers * their max bandwidth) is still less than your upload rate. Otherwise you’re not going to be telling them their max download speed, but your much slower max upload speed.

Thanks Dan the Man.

you always know how to do stuff.

Much appreciated as always :slight_smile:

Are you saying mine is, or that if your site is?

I have a 100MB uplink?

Wow you are right… it is slow according to some other domain speed test.