How do you check the speed of the web hosting please?

How do you check the speed of the web hosting please? In the way of pages loading etc.

The webkit inspector can time how long it takes to load a webpage. If you want to test the download speed without php and stuff slowing things down, and you have access to the server, you can just upload a blank page and time how long it takes?

YSlow will give you a good view of a web page as it loads to show you how sloe certain elements load if thats what you are meaning.

Google’s Webmaster Tools gives you an overview of how your site is performing over time.

You can also apply various http stress tests (lots of concurrent requests) to your site to see how it actually handles a lot of traffic.

There are various tools available to check the speed of a website. Also, confirm with the web host the connection port their servers are on. They might have separate connection ports for different servers like separate for shared and dedicated.

Thanks all for the input - it’s appreciated. Am trying to see how fast a webhost would be at loading website pages, compared to another webhost - is that possible please?

I use

I believe that is one of the best recommendations here. In any case you can ask your provider a link to 100MB file and then test the speed around the world.


Many thanks will look into this and let you know how I get on.

Also, how would that test, for example on the 100MB file work ?


Despite what has been posted non of the methods are going to help you decide between different companies - as there are too many variables in play, unless you can control all these variables you’ll never get an accurate comparison of hosts.

One host may have really fast download speeds (because they are closer to you) but their PHP/MySQL execution times may be up in the stratosphere, yet another may have slower download speeds but actually be faster overall due to PHP/MySQL/etc. executing quicker.


It would really depend on many factors. One way of checking their download speed is to have them give you a link to a 100mb file that you can download.

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Many thanks Daniel and Karl - it’s appreciated