How to Add permanent Label in Google Map

How to Add permanent Label in Google Map: Like this example,+Pakistan&ll=24.813011,67.050199&spn=0.002357,0.003449&z=18

I am not writing about adding pointer but permanent mark.


I can’t see the marker in your example…see screen grab.

May be because marker is not visible to everyone. but i want to display my business listing (Shop) like (Faysal Bank, Red Apple etc) visible in the picture. which will also be available to google earth and google map users.

Or am I being thick…are one potato two potato, hot and spicy, faysal bank, what you mean by permanent markers?

Like faysal bank, hot and spicy etc

I think business listing is not available to pakistani users

Then how did they other places get listed?

Are you sure, are this ads. plus these are not markers.

I’m not sure…