Google Business Listings

I have already added my business on both places at google places & as well as google shown in google search

engine.when you guys search for the ISME (Indian School Of Management & Entrepreneurship) new delhi…then see my college

address when you click at red pin/flag.i also place here the link [] …there you see some

business near to me like (hotel opera ), (india travel & tour) have properly written on map…but my address is not properly

written on google maps.I only see my address when i click at red balloon or red pin.I also want my address is look like the

hotel opera & india travel & tour.Plz help me …its urgent…

you need to use your address for your back links, and say your friend for giving 5 star reviews for you listing thanks

Faking reviews is never, ever, ever a good idea [and in most places it’s a violation of a civil law]. Suggesting it is asking for someone to turn their eye to what you’re doing yourself so let’s please not go there.

Ask your friends to write some reviews for the location, that would help in displaying the name of the place in google maps. Also make sure that you have given the description of the location on google maps. If you haven’t, that could be one of the reasons why your place is not showing up on google maps.

In many countries any relationship between the reviewer and the company, be it freebies or special discounts, must be disclosed in the review so there’s no bias. Transparency comes first.

Try to edit this address and again send it for approval.

Just re-submit to google… you’ll have to wait for a postcard if don’t already have access to the listing, then when you do u can update it yourself.