How to add copy paste button

Hi everyone

Ok, here is the deal, the the link in my swf doesn’t work inside the post in a forum,

When I hit the “full story” nothing happens,So I think there must be some restrict rules in that forum, So I decide to make a work around use the url copy and paste to let people get to the link by themselves

I’m new to actionscript, so here is what I end up with:

the text is selectable but I want make the copy and paste process more eligible and easy.

1.I want all the url hide by default

  1. when people hit the full story button the url comes out with fade in animation, and there also a copy url button

  2. when people after hit the copy url bottom, I also want some notification pop up

anybody can give me some idea? really appreciate your help

here are the files:

just assign the url to a text field inside the movie clip hide it using the overlapping with another movie clip so that when someone click the full story button change the transparency or the position of the overlapping movie clip and make the text box visible on the other hand using the JavaScript copy the content o the field in clipboard.