FLV Player

Hi All,
I have edited a Flash Player and I need to add a URL button but I need help with the ActionScript

File: http://www.amaze.com.mt/over_html_video/FLV_Player.fla

Thanks a lot

What is necessary, can you help me with the ActionScript please?

plz mention your problem adding a file is not the solution.

yeah, what’s the real problem, can you be more specific?

I need to position and autohide the URL button with ActionScript like the other buttons play, stop etc…
This is an example of the HTML with video

Ok know please?
All files re uploaded

still not clear,

If u just want to hide the link button as movie controller from the screen then i think simple tick will be create create a button and place its hit are over the video and keep the script on it’s rollover event to show or hide to link button.

Hi Dijup,
This is want i need
I need to autohide a button when on mouse inactivity (i need the ActionScript)


Hi Dijup,
Can you tell me how to do this please?