Adding a URL link to SWF files - flash CS3

hi all.ive googled this and tried at least 3 different things and i cant seem to find one that doesnt give me errors.can anyone give me step by step instructions on how to add a URL link to a swf file as its an advertising bannerany help would be appreciated

When you upload the .swf to your specific website/server, it’ll automatically gain a URL - then you can go back in and use that URL.


hey?no im looking for the actionscript code that works without errors that you put in the .fla file (flash CS3)Can anyone help??

Like link the banner to a site? You could just wrap it in an <a> tag…


If I’ve understood correctly, escapedf is looking to create a link within his Flash file, not use the Flash animation as a link.

Right. But he said it was a banner (I imagine an advertisement, but correct me if I’m wrong). I haven’t really heard of links inside of banners…at least not in the ads I view.


edit: DOH! I forgot! It’s “innovative”!

yikes…is there maybe a different forum i should be posting this on?its actionscript WITHIN the flash file … i need steps from a flash user who has experience in this…

Yeah. We don’t do a lot of Flash or Actionscript on this forum.

Good forums might be the Adobe Forums or [url=]these.