How to add a simple "availability" calendar?

A friend has two holiday cottages, and would like to add a calendar to the site to indicate which dates are booked, and which are still available. She does not want any kind of online booking system, just a way to colour in or grey out dates when they are booked.

I had a brief look at Google Calendar, but it doesn’t seem to provide the very simple formatting required.

It’s a small, static site, so WordPress plugins are of no use. It needs to be something she can easily edit herself.

Any suggestions?

InstantCal? A bit clunky but it can use an ics file

Thanks for the suggestion, @DaveMaxwell.

*** IMPORTANT: InstantCal is no longer actively developed. The service operates on an as-available basis. ***

I might risk using it if it offered what I’m looking for, but it seems to only offer a month view, with room for appointments. What I really want is a simple yearly calendar with nothing more than the dates shown. She doesn’t need to be able to enter any information on it, beyond marking dates as unavailable.

Something like this, but with the ability to edit it in some way to indicate which dates are already booked:

Actually, @DaveMaxwell, you might have helped me answer my own question. It occurred to me as I was replying to you that I might have been using the wrong search term when I looked, and searching for “booking calendar” has produced a number of promising-looking results.

It always helps if you look for the right thing.

How brave is the person? This looks to be pretty straightforward to setup, but you’d need to edit the json to handle it. (look at the full example)

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Hmm … she’s got much better computer skills than most of my clients, but she’s almost 81, so probably something a bit simpler would be better.

That one certainly does what I want, though, so I’ll keep it in mind.

I used this on a website:

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Thanks, @Rubble. I’ll take a look at that.

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