A simple, basic calendar to add to a self hosted site. Anyone?

Have spent two days searching for a very, very, basic calendar for a client that just want to show which days he’s available or unavailable. Should be embedded on his site (not Wordpress or other CMS. Manually made). Some login of course required for admin (him). All data saved in db or text file. Should be fairly easy to edit UX (css) and run on Linux.

Thought I would find quite a few, but noooooo.

All of them are either jammed with hundreds of spiffy “features” or comes with installation requirements that are insane (e.g. install with brew) or are otherwise incomprehensive for me. I have never encountered anything this insane and I need your help.

Where can I find the calendar I’m looking for?

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You’re a little short of information (what languages you know, experience, etc).

Do a search on github for calendars you can use - there are filters for languages you feel comfortable in.

Here’s a bit dated jQuery version that uses a json file to load the data. Should be relatively easy to build a backend which builds the json you need. https://github.com/zabuto/calendar

I might be in a similar situation soon. I intend to create a page showing events for my community.

A calendar is a database and a UI, right? The UI usually supports multiple views, such as monthly, weekly and daily. And a CRUD for maintaining it. Perhaps it will be easy to define the data model. Then you could create the UI and use the other samples for guidance and ideas.

The iCalendar Data Model looks interesting. If it can satisfy requirements then it could be useful to comply with its design.

Hi Sam. Good luck. I thought that finding a “simple calendar” for a web page would be a breeze. As I wrote before, not so. Be prepared to be as stunned as me. The only useful I found was Luxcal https://www.luxsoft.eu/. Functions are great, but UI is a catastrophe and you’ll need to redesign (both css and source code), e.g. divs absolutely positioned for no apparent reason and the actual calendar sitting as a layer above body. But if you can work that out, it’s the best I’ve found.

Thanks Dave

Have downloaded and tested at least 15 from github. And 15-20 from other sources. None works as a calendar on a website to be handled by John Doe. Many turned out to be desktop only, other had fancy UI but required coding to add/edit/delete events. Other based the script on 1/1000 sec which eventually screwes up the calendar. I’m baffled. The only one I found working OK was https://www.luxsoft.eu/ however crappy it’s UI might be.

Whoever manages to create a calendar plug without gazillions of bells and whistles, but easy to install, embed, good looking and handled by John Doe will likely make a few $$.

Oh, forgot mentioning my CV. And I assume you by “languages” mean scripting languages. I understand your questions, but I think they’re quite irrelevant in this case. And I have tried this zabuto calendar you linked to. To me, regretfully useless.


Are you saying you don’t have the skills/patience/time/wotever to tailor a script to your needs if you find one that is almost suitable?

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I am prepared. I have had problems finding simple samples of other things. I am prepared to create a calendar myself. I have often been frustrated by samples that do much more than I need and the extra features I was not interested in. My website is called Simple Samples because Microsoft’s samples are rarely simple.

I know you use PHP. I use C# so I searched for .Net samples.

C# - write a program that displays the calendar, asking just for the year and month, use System.DateTime - Stack Overflow shows a C# console program that creates a calendar. Probably not any help for you but it shows a very simple calendar.

C# & Razor: Dynamic Calendar Using HTML Table in ASP.NET - Stack Overflow shows creating a calendar using HTML; only the HTML, no data except the current day. It uses Razor, a variation of C#, but I assume the Razor can be converted to PHP easily enough. Let me know if you have a question about something specific in the Razor. I created a fiddle of it.

Apparently jQuery has Calendars. 21 jQuery Calendars shows samples of that but I know nothing more.

The most simple and basic I’ve come across so far is the fullcalendar.io. It’s easy to use and based in pure javascript which means you can use it in any kind of setup along with other components like jquery, react, etc.

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