How to add a currency exchange rate ticker to WordPress

Hello Community,

I want to add currency exchange rate to WordPress website something like this: and also want to display it in top bar as ticker something like this: can anyone advise me how to do this.


It depends on where you want to place the ticker. The second link that you provided has code that you can copy and paste into your site. I tried it on a page of one of my test sites and it worked well. All I did was open the html view of the page editor and paste the code there.

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@WebMachine you are right, i also copy and past that code it’s work perfect but what i looking for is i want to manually put and update the currency rate in my website and i want to keep it in database so any one visit my website and looking for specific date currency rate can search, the code which is in second link is updating from which i don’t want that, also i want to place the ticker under my main menu in the top of my website.

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