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I am new here and I have zero knowledge about web page html…

I have question if someone can help to edit this page

Since I have different currency, I have to manually calculate it in google currency page. So, I want the page show my currency and it will auto convert when the price is changing as per below. I am able to view the html using chrome and able to change the content.

how to add and the exchange rate for the currency i can manually input.


Welcome to the forums @shahrilaziz89

It’s not exactly clear what your problem is. The page appears to be working with the exchange rates updating all the time.
I will keep the topic unlisted until you can provide further clarification about the exact nature of the problem.

There is no problem with the page. I want to add my currency within the page and I do not know how to do it. I pasted the picture example the currency (17901.04) that I edited with paint.exe

If it difficult to do then never mind, I will manually convert using google. Thanks.

Short of contacting the site’s owner and asking them to add your currency to what they currently offer, you can’t do that - it’s not within your control.

There are other currency conversion sites that support numerous different currencies.
You could try one of those if this one does not have your currency.

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Ok. Thanks.

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