Code or Javascript to display my country currency exchange rate

I want to display my country currency exchange rate on my forum header.
Please is there any php code or Javascript to do that.
To display, the local and foreign currency exchange.

I believe in you guys in terms of coding. :+1:

Do you have the exchange rate stored in a database table somewhere, in which case a simple query to retrieve the information and display it should suffice. Or do you really need code to retrieve the rate from another web site, in which case you’d be best contacting that web site to ask about whatever API they provide to get their data.

You are going to need to pay for an api service to get reliable data. Otherwise, you could use something like this.That is a free service though which can’t be held legally responsible for anything like incorrect data. If this is for calculating costs of sold goods you will want to use a paid service that can be held legally accountable for bad data.

The tutorial here might help you to create what you want.

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