How the hell do you change your password!?

Hi all,

I apologize for the frank title but I emailed SitePoint support a week ago to ask how I can change my password and I’ve heard nothing from them yet.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

No worries, thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

Aha! I didn’t even register that menu bar - it’s not very visible! Poor interface design perhaps. :wink:

Thanks again for your help.

‘My Sitepoint’ in the light blue menu bar (the second one from the top).
And then in the left menu, ‘Edit Email and Password’ under ‘Settings & options’ :slight_smile:

That’s awesome, thank you. Would you mind telling me how you found that page? I spent about 10 minutes on two separate occasions clicking through the site and I couldn’t find that page.

Hey Aled,
Sorry for the delay in responding to your email. It was forwarded to me at forum support yesterday - our support address is forums at for future reference. :slight_smile: