How do I change my forum email address?

I sincerely apologize if this is the wrong place to ask, but I’ve looked all through my profile settings and other areas, and can’t see how to change my email address. On my Preferences page, under my email address, it says “Email can be updated from authentication provider.”

I have no idea whho or what the authentication provider is.


Because Sitepoint utilizes a single sign on, you have to go to the premium side:


Done! Thank you! :100:


oops… I just got email at the old address after changing in the llocation you specified.

I clicked the link (at the bottom of the email) for changing my email settings, but that doesn’t take me to a page for changing my email address.

I need to know how to stop getting emails at the old address.

We think you need to log off to allow the SSO to repopulate the email correctly. I’ve forced you offline, so if you log back in, please check your profile (click your avatar far right then go down to the bottom icon for profile). Click on preferences, then look at primary email and ensure it’s correct.

If it’s not correct, please let me know and I’ll have to get someone from corporate involved since I don’t have behind the scenes access.


That worked, thanks! All is well in the world once again, lol.


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