How do I change my password on SitePoint now?

This should be a simple thing–and I’m sure it is–but for whatever reasons, I can’t find any change password form on my account profile screen because I’d like to change my password to something else. Have we moved to one of those automated “here, take this,” processes where we’re given a generated password to use now?

There is now an SSO (Single Sign On) system between SP Premium and SP Forums.
If you go into Premium and look at your profile there, there is an option to change your password.


@nec286, we used to have a message on the Profile pages here on the Forum to let User’s know that, have we removed it? Or did that accidentally get lost with the latest upgrade?

For whatever it’s worth, I’m probably just blind. I’ll do what Sam says and check out the premium side. Thanks guys!

Spot-on. I was able to find it by doing exactly what you guys said. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

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That got lost in the upgrade, pushing it out now.


@Wolf_22, when visiting your Profile, then Preferences here on the forum, you should see something similar to this now! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion earlier.

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